The HIGH CAROLINA TEAM of REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS (affiliate brokers of Keller Williams Professionals) offers a rebate program for qualifying buyers and sellers of real estate in certain counties of Western NC.  Please read the following carefully and let us know if you qualify!


General Qualifications/Conditions for participation in the Preferred Homes Across America program:

1. All participants who qualify for the Preferred Homes Across America program must be employed full time (and be able to furnish current proof of employment) as either:

A. Police

B. Firefighter

C. Healthcare professional

D. Active/Retired Military or American Veteran

E. Government or Municipal Employee

F. Full time employee of a *participating organization/employer

2. Participants must either purchase or sell a home in one of the counties shown in #3 below and use a member of the High Carolina Team of Real Estate Professionals as their exclusive buyer or seller agent (as applicable).

3. The qualifying home that is bought or sold as a part of this program must be physically located in either Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison, McDowell, Rutherford, Yancey or Polk Counties of NC.

4. Rebates/Reduced commissions received as a part of this program will be up to 25% of the actual commission received at closing by a member of the High Carolina Team of Real Estate Professionals. Sellers will receive a reduction in commissions paid to the High Carolina Team that is equal to 25% of the commissions that would normally have applied. Home buyers will receive a credit at closing of UP TO 25% of the actual commissoin received at closing by a member of the High Carolina Team of Real Estate Professionals.  This credit will apply toward the buyers closing costs and cannot exceed the total amount of closing costs that they buyer has been charged on the HUD 1 statement at closing.

5. No rebate will be due or payable on any home/contract that does not complete closing for any reason.

6. All participants must fill out an initial application with either Charles or Ernestine Martinez (see phone numbers above) and all buyer participants must qualify for a mortgage loan (if they are not paying cash for the purchase) through the lending institution of their choice.

*participating organizations/employers are those who agree to participate in the terms and conditions of the Preferred Homes Across America program. A list of qualifying employers are shown below: